Best Electric Shavers for Ingrown Hairs on the Market

ingrown_hairsIngrown hair has two characteristics. It either curls and embeds back into the skin after emerging as stubble or grows sideways into the skin before it actually emerges on the surface of the skin,finally erupting as a painful acne like complication due to bacterial attack. This situation can be aggravated even more if the hair is cut at uneven angles leaving sharp tips that can easily puncture the skin.

People think that if they buy the best electric razor, ingrown hair problems can be eliminated. High-end shavers are definitely not a means to eliminate the issue. It is best to identify the cause of the problem, and address those issues, rather than hoping that your Electric Shaver will overcome the problem.

That said, there are certain shavers that can deal with this problem better than others. They offer a partial  solution, and with the right treatment, preparation and after shave care you will get better shaving experience.

We have hand picked three top shavers for ingrown hair problems – Braun Series 7-790cc, Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc 5 shaver, Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4.

Top reason why these are the best electric razors for ingrown hairs

Close and even shaving, in the right direction, with a minimum of stokes is important to avoid your razor adding to the trauma of the already damaged or infected skin that results from ingrown hair. Application of proper lubricant and avoiding too much pressure is recommended to ease the impact on ingrown hairs. What you don’t want is to have all of your other efforts, and preparation, like warm water sponging, masking and lubrication undone   by using a razor that will inflame the situation more. The Braun series-7 technology has clear benefits that make it our choice to deal with shaving issues including the ingrown hair problem. This shaver is an ultimate razor that’s gentle on your skin and powerful on your facial hair.

As the razor glides smoothly across your face, your hair needs to be in the right state for the Shaver to capture and cut them, but they do not grow in a uniform manner. To tackle this issue, Braun introduced it’s active lift technology that has the dynamic function of lifting low lying hairs and hairs that are potentially difficult to catch. This process reduces the chances of cutting the hair in the wrong direction. This is important because any razor, be it electric or manual, will have the tendency to cut the hairs in the wrong direction or angle without some form of external assistance.

It doesn’t end there. The foil is design to capture more hair with maximum efficiency. The unique OptiFoil design and the blades are equipped with a triple action cutting system, cutting both long or short hair individually with little effort. Here, we are dealing with an effective cutting process and at the same time providing a comfortable operation for the skin. The Braun series-7 is simply an impressive shaver.

Before we discuss the efficiency of Panasonic, it is worth mentioning the only difference between the Arc 4 and the Arc 5 options,is the number of blades it comes with. As the names suggest, Arc 4 has 4 blades and Arc 5 comes with 5 blades. (There is a difference of $ 100 in the price too).

Just like the Braun, Panasonic shavers come with a lift tech foil system that easily lifts the low lying hair and captures it with a specially designed foil that can easily capture the toughest hair. By tough hair we mean hair that grows in different directions including curled hairs. In this situation we also will not worry so much about shaving with or against the grain. In fact shaving against the grain might worsen the situation if Ingrown Hair is a problem.

Higher cutting speeds means efficiency, accuracy and precision,less tugging of hair, and less need for going over the same area more than once….and that means it’s gentler to your skin. With the world’s fastest motor, running 14,000 cycles per minute it cuts the hair with a minimum of strokes, reducing irritation. To avoid application of Pressure while working on the contours of your face, each blade moves independently, following the shape of your neck or jaw line.

Panasonic is our second best option. However, choosing either of them will be like choosing the best of the best. Many users recommend electric shavers over manual razors to tackle ingrown hairs. It makes for a gentler solution when dealing with damaged skin. As recommended by most electric shaver companies, allow 2 to 3 weeks break in time to get used to a new shaver ,if you have been using manual razor or an electric razor of different kind.

Hygienic shaving and good practices are as important as selecting the right shaver for healthy grooming. If buying the Panasonic, we recommend buying the arc 4 or arc 5 that comes with the cleaning system for hygienic shaving or make sure that you clean your shaver manually after every shave for utmost performance.

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Best Electric Shavers for Ingrown Hairs on the Market
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  1. I’ve used magic shave since I was 20, I’m now 56. Never shaved on consecutive days. Everytime (3 or 4 times) I’ve shaved with a razor I feel the sting of razor bumbs on my neck and below the chin area. This has been helpful as I trying to get the courage to try a razor again.

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