Philips Norelco Kids Hair Clipper CC5060- Quiet and Efficient

Norelco_CC5060_Kids_ClipperAny parent knows that cutting your children’s hair can become a traumatic event for all involved, especially the first time. If your child is generally nervous, or easily agitated it can be ever harder to make this part of your family ritual.

Having access to a good quality Clipper that is no too noisy, and is less likely to pull your child’s hair can be a big help here.

Philips have taken a close look at a parent’s your needs, and created  CC5060 that is designed for to make it easier on your children and you.

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This ergonomic children’s hair clipper runs ultra quiet. This will calm your child and put him at ease. It is compact and light weight to give you greater control and less fatigue. It has rounded tips on combs and blades for your child’s safety. The package includes two guide combs that offer up to 15 different settings, to cover all your preferred hair lengths. The battery is rechargeable, but if the battery runs low, you can switch to corded use. The package comes with other bonus accessories like a storage pouch, scissors,a styling comb, and a cape. Most importantly, it comes with a “How to”  DVD guide.

Features that Make Philips CC5060 the Top Kid’s Clipper

This hair clipper for children is a hot selling product in the present market and is in great demand. Let’s take a look at the excellent features that made CC5060 the best clipper for your children.

  • Ultra quiet,
  • Friendly rounded tips comb and blade- assured safety.
  • Compact design and light weight- guaranteed comfort.
  • Contour following combs.
  • 2 integrated guide combs.
  • 15 different settings on guide combs for preferred cutting lengths.
  • Powerful rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • 45 minutes cordless use.
  • Option to switch to Corded use when battery is low.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Self-sharpening blade.
  • No oil needed.
  • Scissors, pouch, cape, cleaning brush and styling comb included.

Why CC5060 is a Better Choice than Other Children’s Clippers

It is true that there are many hair clippers available. What parents look for is efficiency, comfort and control.But most importantly, a good clipper should be safe to use, should calm the child and keep them at ease, it should be easy to use and make the whole process as stress free as possible.

As it is specifically designed for kids, the Norelco CC5060 is very safe to use. This kids hair clipper is very quiet and it has all the safety measures, like rounded tips on combs and rounded blades that it will not scratch your child’s skin. The sleek and compact design allows you extra comfort and accurate control.

Philips shavers are very reliable and this child’s hair clipper is equipped with all the necessary accessories for a perfect haircut at minimal cost. It has two guide combs that come with 15 adjustable settings for your preferred haircut length. The blade is a self-sharpening steel blade that runs smoothly and evenly. Above all, with all the technology features, this clipper is very easy to use and handle, which makes it a perfect choice.

Other Benefits and Advantages

The advantages and benefits are many, but I could not find anything to list as a negative, so lets take a look at some other advantages that you will love.

Strong Li-ion rechargeable battery will give up to 45 minutes run-time. What is so good about this clipper is that when the battery is drained and you don’t have time to charge, you can still use it corded. This is a great feature because the 45 minutes cordless use allows you to cut hair anywhere you want, with independent free movement. The corded feature is for emergencies when you are caught short.

Saves you time and money as it is easy to use and delivers fast results. You can give your child a perfect haircut with this user friendly and high performing children’s clipper within few minutes. Minimize your time visiting hairdressers and avoiding spending 10$-15$ every month. Instead, you can easily give your son the best haircut and save the money for other treats.Norelco_CC5060

How to use DVD is another feature worth mentioning. The DVD that comes with the package along with other accessories, will show you how to operate the device so that you can give the best haircut of any style, for all types of hair.

Truly, Philips Norelco CC5060 kid’s hair clipper is designed for your children and made for every parent with kids. It carries an affordable price tag and the results it delivers will hopefully have both you and your child smiling.

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Philips Norelco Kids Hair Clipper CC5060- Quiet and Efficient
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