Professional Balding Clipper- Wahl 8110 5-Star Series – Most Powerful Clipper

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Wahl Corporation had been producing top quality grooming products for a very long time. Apparently, as one of the leading manufacturers, every new product carries new innovative ideas, and the latest technology to assure your comfort and results. The Wahl 8110 Balding Clipper is no exception, it will  give you a close,clean cut, every time.

This made in USA. The Balding clipper is equipped with a powerful single cut clipper. It allows you free and effortless movement while keeping your skin safe from scratches or cuts.

The sharp surgical blade and its v5000 magnetic motor speed, cut accurately and twice as fast as other clippers. The package includes 2 cutting guides, sizes of 1/16 inches and 3/16 inches for your preferred cutting length.

The motor runs very quietly, maintaining a peaceful environment and the machine stays cool over long periods of use. It is the machine that will meet all your cutting or shaving requirements; an ultimate time saver machine.

Wahl Balding Clipper 8110- Top Advanced Features

  • Single cut clipper.
  • Sharpest 6×0 surgical blade.
  • 2 cutting guides- 1/16 inches and 3/16 inches.
  • V5000 magnetic motor.
  • Runs quietly.
  • Powered, Electric clipper.
  • Includes comb, oil, pre-shave brush, cleaning brush and operating manual.

A Must-Have for Professional Barber, Perfect for Home-Use

If you are a professional barber, you will love this machine and will not want to put it down.

The Wahl Clipper 8110 has the qualities and attributes of a true barber’s tool with the sharpest surgical blade 6X0, allowing you to give a precision cut in comfort. This small yet powerful clipper cuts super fast and will give a close cut/shave in less time, and time is money. The motor does not get hot after extended use, which means you can use it continuously for many shaves/cuts.

This balding clipper is designed not only for the professional barber, but is also perfect for home use. This clipper will make you feel like a professional. The clipper comes with a user manual and is very easy to operate.

It is perfect for maintaining a bald look.It cuts deep from the hair root giving you a brilliant result even without the final touch with a blade. Even better, it is the best hair clipper to use before a final shave with razor. Any of your friends or family members could easily cut your hair for you in only a few minutes. So why continue to waste your precious time going to a hair saloon and spending your hard-earned money.

Why Wahl Professional 8110-5 Star Outshines Other Clippers

Wahl 8100 5 star series tops other balding clippers because of its efficiency and accuracy. No other clippers can match the shaving closeness it delivers. It has got the technology and features that your looking for. It is simple to use, and has a sturdy firm body for long lasting use.

It aides precise cutting control with its super-sharp blade that cuts faster than other clippers. This will save your energy as well as a lot of time. The motor stays cool and runs quietly- environment friendly. This is simply an ideal choice for home use and very handy for those who travel a lot.

One important factor in this market is the price tag. This high performing sleek clipper is available at a very reasonable and affordable price. Its performance is much higher than the current market price would suggest. It is worth the price and a good investment.

What Are The Drawbacks

The following points are definitely not a serious problem, but handy information so that you will have the best experience and results.

As already mentioned, the blade is super sharp. You have to be cautious while handling it. If you have excess fat at the back of your head, sagging skin or small bumps, please exercise caution when using this clipper, as the blade may you in such areas.

This balding clipper is for direct plugged-in corded use only. However this will not be a problem for you as the cord is long enough for free movement.

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Professional Balding Clipper- Wahl 8110 5-Star Series – Most Powerful Clipper
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