Taking Care the Right Way to Keep Electric Razor Like New

Cleaning_electric_razorDo not ignore the importance of cleaning and lubricating your electric shaver. Cleaning and Lubricating is a vital process to keep your shaver like new and hygienic at the same time. For best results clean your shaver after every shave. If you are unable to do it religiously, it is recommended to clean thoroughly at least after every 3 shaves before any harm is done to your shaver. Once damage is done, taking up the proper habits will not improve the situation, so start from day 1.


Many under estimate the importance of lubrication. I would like to term ‘Lubricating a shaver’ synonymous with the function of engine oil in automobile, to reduce engine wear  by reducing the friction between metals. A drop of shaver oil or spray is recommended before shaving or after the cleaning and drying process is done to sustain performance. However, applying too much, may cause clogging of the system. So use it sparingly at the recommended amount. The internal parts of the Shaver do not require additional lubrication.

Your Electric shaver heats up due to friction on the metals engaging in the cutting process. Application of a recommended shaver’s oil is an important agent to fight friction by adding a slippery coating.  The oil will minimize the stresses placed on the metal. Apart from lubricating and cooling the shaver’s head it also acts as anti corrosive and keeps the shaver fresh and clean. If you leave your shaver without lubrication for ‘long periods’ it will wear away more quickly than expected, and in due course shaving performance will drop. Do not underrate the importance of lubrication.

Cleaning and handling

Many electric shavers come with an automatic cleaning system that cleans, lubricates and charges at the same time. This will make your job easier and save you some time. Some users complain that these cleaning systems mean spending money on replacement Cartridges, but if you want to avoid that you can even make your own Braun Shaver Cleaner for just a few cents.

Most shavers in the entry level and mid level may not come with a self-cleaning system but you can develop your manual cleaning routine by following the cleaning instructions thoroughly (assuming a manual comes with the package). For manual cleaning I mimic the process of the best cleaning systems like the Braun clean and renew system have introduced.

Make sure that the thin foil and other sensitive parts of the shaver are not damaged by rough handling ,and application of pressure while removing, cleaning or assembling the head. The sensitive parts of the shaver should be gently brushed with the help of the cleaning brush that comes with the cleaning kit or with soft bristles. Avoid contact with the blades as much as possible in order to avoid the risk of damaging the sharp blades. Running water and Liquid soap or an alcohol based solution is effective enough to clean the blades.

Keep the shaver under running water and tap it gently on your hand, or shake and brush it lightly to remove the debris and clear the stubborn hairs. For best result I use hot water with liquid soap to remove the oil and residue before I use the brushes.

I use a soft and springy artist painting brush made of animal hairs. A flat artist sable brush or a small synthetic fan brush will do the job very well. A toothbrush is not a good alternative in my experience.

After the cleaning process is done, dry the parts thoroughly before you assemble the unit for the next use. You can simply dry the cutter and foil by placing them on a dry clean towel or dry with a hair drier. Promptly replace the cutter itself, on the schedule suggested by the manufacturer. Most manufacturers like Braun, Norelco and Panasonic recommend replacing the screen and cutter after every 12 months. Remington recommends 6 months for the screen and 12 months for the cutter.

Taking Care the Right Way to Keep Electric Razor Like New
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