Top Rated Electric Shaver for Black Men 2017

Let’s get straight to it. The top rated electric shaver for Black Men is the  Braun Series 7 790cc (review here) followed by Panasonic ES-LA93-K (review here).

We have solid reasons to choose these shavers over the others. This is because most African-American men or Black Men have curly hairs and sensitive skin, and they are very prone to problems like ingrown hairs, razor burn and razor bumps.Using the wrong shaver can even lead to your face bleeding just like a manual razor blade can do.

If you are prone to ingrown hairs or have sensitive skin you just can’t simply pick a shaver just because it gives close and clean shave. You need to consider the functions and technologies of your shaver in relation to your shaving problems. It is imperative to get electric shaver that is gentle on your skin. You don’t want a shaver that will trigger ingrown hairs or cause razor bumps.

Why Braun Series 7 790cc is the Best Choice for Black Men?

braun-series7790ccThe Braun Series 7 790cc (Check Price and Availability Here) is considered to be the the shaver that is the most gentle on your skin. There is no skin irritation or razor burn. Issues such as skin irritation and razor burn are prominent in many other top rated electric shavers despite their ability to give a close shave.

This Braun shaver can give a very close shave and yet be very gentle to the skin. How is that possible? It uses what is known as the Active Lift technology that easily lifts flat lying hairs and curly hairs with no problem. These flat lying hairs are directed into the advanced OptiFoil holes intended for smooth and efficient cutting. The use of ActiveLift technology simply reduces the number of passes, avoiding repeatedly shaving the same area, as you would have to do with many other shavers in an effort to get a close and clean shave.

In addition, Braun incorporates ‘3 Personalization Modes’ , a feature that helps adjust to your skin and hair type. You can either set the shaver to intensive mode, extra sensitive mode or normal mode. This feature can be used to adjust the closeness of your shave, a useful feature to tackle ingrown hairs. Studies have proven that it is best to maintain a minimum beard length of 0.5 – 1mm when we suffer from severe ingrown hairs to best tackle the issue.

Panasonic ESLA93-K as the Second Best Razor for Black Men

Panasonic-ES-LA93-KAnother highly recommended shaver is the Panasonic ESLA93-K (Check Price and Availability Here). This Panasonic shaver uses outer foil vibration technology to lift tough hair for a quick and easy cut. This shaver also features a 4 blade system with a fast linear motor of 14,000 cycles per minute. It is more powerful than the Braun series 7 and quite effective to tackle coarse and curly hair. The shaver is so powerful and efficient that you won’t need to pass the same spot repeatedly to get a close shave. And as we all understand that shaving the same area continuously prompt skin irritations and razor burns.

Read Panasonic ES-LA93-K review

This shaver easily follows the contour of your face efficiently with the flexible shaver head, one feature that easily tackles the problem areas like the neck or jaw line. You can use this shaver either wet or dry. Wet shaving using shaving cream or gel is known to be a better option for those with sensitive skin. If you prefer the more advanced Panasonic shaver and don’t mind spending more you can check out the latest Panasonic Arc 5 ESLV81-K. It is presently the most advanced shaver on the market.

Top Rated Electric Shaver for Black Men 2017
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  1. Wondering why you still chose to give the Panasonic second billing considering you only list it’s advantages over the Braun? Unless the price is the tipping point although you didn’t mention cost.

  2. @Sharkray…they are in the same price range, no big difference. Overall, we find Braun series 7 a better shaver for Black-Man.

  3. I’ve had both and there’s no comparison. The Braun is much better in every respect. Plus the Panasonic caused irritation, ingrown hairs,, and couldn’t get the flat and curley hairs.

  4. I use the Braun 7 and it very good, I get no bumps, ingrown hairs and its a gentle shave, stick to braun

  5. Took me many years to learn not to press down on the shaver, hold it easy and let it do the work. Listen to an elderly man. Braun works for me.

  6. I have the Braun series 7 and the series 9 , I recently bought the Panasonic es lv95 . Out of the 3 I found the series 7 to be the least comfortable. Don’t get me wrong it gives a great shave but it’s was kind of aggressive in my opinion and I had to do a lot of passes for it to give me a clean shave. The series 9 on the other hand provided me with the most comfortable shave and it picks up all hair in a few passes . It provides a pretty close shave as well. Now the Panasonic gives the closest shave I have ever experienced from a electric shaver it’s fast and the number of passes is minimum to clean area . I personally like the way the head pivots and contours to my head. Also it cuts way better with shaving creams compared to either one of the Brauns . My only problem I have is it leaves the curly flat lying hairs in areas of my head and I end up having to use my trusty Braun to clean up whats left behind. I want to try a rotary shaver and I’m leaning towards getting a norelco 9700 has anyone tried it ? Is it good dealing with the coarse curly hair of a black man’s head and beard ? Any feedback would be deeply appreciated

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