The Best of Panasonic Electric shavers

Panasonic is a very reliable Japanese company and has never built a mediocre shaver. They have created one of the most expensive shavers on the market. If you like the best of everything from your shaver, and money is not an issue then Panasonic high-end shavers may be your best option.

Panasonic is often the one that brings about the new innovative features that we see in today’s modern electric shavers. As a Company it has made a massive contribution to what modern shavers can do. If you are not happy with Panasonic, few other brands will rise to your standards.

Top Panasonic Electric Shavers



  • Panasonic_ES-LT71-S_smallPanasonic Arc 3 ES-LT71-S (Read Review) – is supposedly a mid-range shaver but “over delivers” when it comes to performance and quality. Perhaps the best $100 range electric shaver on the market.



Panasonic shavers are powerful and fast. Top rated electric shavers from Panasonic are very efficient and known to offer closeness similar to a razor blade. Their top end shavers feature multiple blades for a quick, smooth and comfortable shaving experience. Panasonic is the only company that features 4 blade and 5 blade cutting system among foil shavers. If you are someone who would not compromise on closeness, this is definitely your shaver.

Panasonic electric shavers are not only efficient but very comfortable too. Comfort is an important criterion for every man while shaving. As a matter of fact, we opted for electric shavers over razor blades for comfort. If we don’t get the desired comfort and convenience we may as well stick with razor blade.

Lastly, Panasonic shavers are very durable and you can expect “in built-quality” to match it with any other popular brand. From day 1 they have never built average quality shaver.

If you are looking for high-end and mid range shavers, you should probably start with Panasonic or Braun Electric razors. Though top of the line is quite expensive, Panasonic shavers are worth every penny and seldom disappoint.

The Best of Panasonic Electric shavers
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  1. Michael the beard

    If you’ve got a tough beard forget a electric shaver its a hopeless idea
    If you’ve got a soft beard then its a great idea
    An electric shaver just can’t beat a high quality razor blade and that’s based on 50 years of shaving experience

  2. I think that depends on which type of shaver you use. We have foil and rotary shavers, In my experience, foil shavers can cut through a thick beard with ease.

  3. I bought the Panasonic Arc 4 ES-LA93-K after reading the review. It works perfectly and I love it.

  4. I have one of the burliest beards in the business and any high end, HIGH speed multi cutter blade foil arrangement can knock down a 2 day growth quite easily. Start out slowly, making several passes, and you end up with a baby smooth face. I will admit though, nothing is as close as a manual 4 blade safety razor….but I am a bleeding mess afterwards. Electric is the only way to go for me.

  5. I think that depends on which type of shaver you use.

  6. I went to electric shaver after ruining too many razor blades. Even after
    one shave. I showed my wife the pieces of metal missing. A good Panasonic shaver does a great job for me.

  7. I bought 2 of the ES-LA93s last spring and I’m very happy with them. One was new and the other was used. I got them on the suggestion of another reviewer who like me always needed a shaver handy. They work out quite well with no problems yet. I rate them at 5 stars without question.

  8. I have a low end inexpensive Panasonic ES=EST25 Shaver. Great close, quick shave without all the mess of a blade shaver. Love it!

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