Panasonic ES8243A Review

Panasonic ES8243AThe Panasonic ES8243A is a rather amazing men’s electric razor. This is because it features a total of four ultra-sharp Nanotech blades. These blades are contained by ultra-thin ARC stainless steel foils that are designed to follow the contours of your face. What this does is allows the blades better access to hair which results in a faster, cleaner and more comfortable shave. Combined with the flexible and pivoting electric shaver head and you have a shaver that simply glides over all parts of your face giving you a close shave with little or no skin irritation.

The Panasonic ES8243A is part of Panasonic’s Arc4 Series of shavers. As is the case with most Panasonic electric shavers, this one is pretty good. It features an extremely fast linear drive motor that can produce 13,000 cpm (cuts per minute) and won’t fade near the end of a charge. The design of the motor ensures a full powered and continuous shave, leaving you with an even shave consistently. There’s also a pop-up trimmer that is built into the design which allows you to shape beards, sideburns and mustaches.

What makes the Panasonic ES8243A stand out most is that it is 100-percent waterproof. This means you can give yourself a wet or dry shave depending on your mood, requirements and supplies. For example, wet shaves are possible in the shower, with gel or foam. The choice is yours and you will agree that having these options will enhance the number of times you will rely on this product for your shaving needs.

The controls and display are also easy to read and use on the Panasonic ES8243A including a full ten stage LCD read out that shows not just the battery status, it also tells you the charging status. In addition, the display reminds you when it is time to clean or replace the blades or foil. In other words, you have a complete diagnostic center at your fingertips that can tell you all you need to know about the state of your shaver.

Panasonic ES8243A is very easy to clean.

Nothing could be easier than cleaning the Panasonic ES8243A. All you have to do is place it under running water and before you know it, you are ready to use it again. As it is a rechargeable shaver, you can use it corded or without the cord. The package includes the shaver, a universal voltage AC adapter/charger and a pouch for traveling.

Panasonic ES8243APanasonic ES8243A review comments place this product high on the list of shavers worth owning. Partly due to the quality consistent with the brand and partly due to the design and features contained in the electric shaver. Depending on your hair and skin types, you may agree that this shaver will give you the closest shave of any electric razors you have ever used in the past. At least that’s what many reviewers are saying. The Nanotech blades are so sharp and the foils hug your face so close that gently sliding the razor across your face will give you an amazingly close shave. Some users have also had great success using this shave on their heads as well.

Negatives noted online point to a shorter battery life than expected between charges and that could very well be the result of the extremely high speed of the motor. Aside from that, some consumers point to the size of the shaving head as a problem for detailed locations on the face that may have a goatee on it. The pop-up trimmer is usually the option to use in this case and reports are that it does a pretty good job of trimming where necessary.

Overall, this is a quality product well worth the price if you are looking for an extremely close shave that won’t take long or much effort. There are some nice features built into this product which uses ultra sharp blades, ultra thin foils and a super fast motor to do all the work. The wet/dry option will add value to this purchase as will the detailed display. No longer one of our Top 5 Electric Razors, this is still one of the best electric shavers available for its price. The Panasonic ES8243A is still a great choice for the man who demands the best from his grooming too, but does not want to pay for the very latest developments in Electric Shavers.

Panasonic ES8243A

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Panasonic ES8243A Review
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