Reviews on Philips Satinelle HP6401 epilator for women

Philips_Satinelle_HP6401Lets get to the point right away! In HP6401, Philips is delivering a machine with basic characteristics, and focusing on effective removal of hair without any extra features.

If you are looking for basic features with a budget in mind, please read on.

If this may not be the best epilator, why bother…?

…Because for this kind of price , you might get lucky and find what you are looking for 🙂

And if you are new to using an epilator this might be a good place to start.

As we said, this may not be the highest standard epilator on the market, for women. However when we compare it to other epilators in the same price range, this is by far the best value available at the moment. This is an inexpensive epilator, without any bells and whistles, but we doubt you will be disappointed with what you get for your money.

This is specially designed for legs and for areas where the skin is tighter, but because of its compact size it can be used for other problem areas.

Design & Important functions of HP6401

The lightweight and compact ergonomic design is perfect for a comfortable grip and easy maneuvering. This is important to get a comfortable and satisfying result.

It can be conveniently used on areas like knees, ankles and even underarms., but I must say this is a basic design and it’s specially created for legs.

Philips has designed this epilator for easy use to capture short and finer hairs, allowing you to get the tweezers closer to your skin. This allows you to remove hairs that are shorter than a millimeter effectively. To reduce pain, and improve results, you will want to trim down longer hairs before removing the remainder with your Epilator.

What is the reason for the efficiency cap? During the epilation process, when we position the head of the device at the right angle and move slowly in the direction of the hair growth, it gives you better result by avoiding multiple passes.

This efficiency cap is intended to make epilation more gentle, in sensitive areas and makes it a lot easier to use. For better results dry your skin thoroughly before the use.


The HP6401 has two speed settings to better suit your needs, as you work on delicate and sensitive areas or for thinner and coarse hair.

  • Gentle speed settings for finer hair
  • Efficient speed setting for coarse hair

Is this good for sensitive skin? To fight irritation, Philips introduced hypoallergenic discs for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic metal can help reduce reactions and sensitivity, as it is free from allergens.

Allergenic substance can cause infection and can even lead to dark ugly spots, discoloration and blemish.

Philips epilator has a Removable, washable head that makes it super easy to clean, for better hygiene and easy cleaning removing any concerns about hair getting trapped.

No inbuilt battery?

This epilator is for corded use only.

I like the idea of travelling light. I can easily toss it in my travel bag. The thin 250 cm cord that comes with the epilator allows for freedom of movement.

Some Disadvantages

  • It takes longer to epilate than with more expensive options, as the head area is comparatively small. However some users prefer a smaller head to concentrate on smaller areas one at a time to avoid multiple passes. We all know plucking hair is painful and we want it to be as efficient as possible.
  • For a tiny epilator the motor is louder than expected.
  • It cannot be used without the cord. There is no inbuilt battery.

Final opinion

Most epilators with fancy features come with a price. This model simply focuses on effective removal of hair and it works almost as well as any other high-end epilator. If you feel it is a sheer waste of money to pay for the extra features available in other epilators, this model is worth trying.

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To sum up, Philip HP6401 is worth the price. This is truly a Budget Epilator, which is user friendly, economical and effective.

Check Price and Availability Here


For best results, dry your skin thoroughly and apply some baby power sparingly and evenly.

Reviews on Philips Satinelle HP6401 epilator for women
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