Skull Shaver is the Best Electric Head Shaver without Doubt


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This SkullShaver, electric head shaver is awesome for those who like to go bald. If going bald seems like a nice way to avoid all the routines from hairstyling to maintenance, Think again! If you like a clean shaven head you might need to shave every single day or at least on alternate days. That is not so easy, especially if you don’t have the right shaver. Our head contours are quite different from our facial contours, so shavers designed primarily to shave the face and neck will not work efficiently on the head.

Why Skull Shaver is Exceptional and the Best Electric Head Shaver


By far the best electric shaver for the head on the market at present is Skull Shaver. This shaver is very unique in design and does a highly commendable job not just for shaving the head but works efficiently for shaving the face and neck as well. Maybe this is not the best electric razor for your face but it works just fine. Many users say that it works better than most mid-priced shavers when shaving the face.

The design of the shaver helps to shave the head easily without even looking in the mirror. You just need to move your hand around the head in circular motions (though you can shave in any direction) with an open palm. The shaver fits into the palm with ease and is shaped horizontally to read the contours of your head and face. Using a regular foil or rotary shaver is not convenient for shaving your head on your own but with Skull Shaver it’s really easy.

This electric shaver for the head comes with 5 individual flex action, thin heads, that can easily adjust to the contours of your head or face. The motor power of the shaver is quite decent and with 5 heads, shaving is fast. There is no pulling sensation like those you may experience with a normal shaver while shaving head. You’ll get a very comfortable and irritation free shaving experience.

You can also detach these individual heads with ease to clean or replace. The motor resides in the handle which keeps the blades cool, an important feature for those with sensitive skin, wanting to avoid razor burns.

Another reason why I like Skull Shaver are the inexpensive replacement parts and attachments. Head replacement is cheap, available for less than $14 at the time of writing this Skull Shaver review. And if you like, you can buy clipper and ear/nose trimmer attachments (sold separately) but adding versatility to the shaver.

In the box you get the shaver, cleaning brush, travel pouch and charger. Maintenance is easy and done manually by detaching the shaver head from the handle and rinsing under running water, or brushing the stubble off. You may also clean it more thoroughly by removing the individual heads.


Any Downsides?

The Skull shaver can’t be used on the cord. It can only be used cordless. So, if you want to charge and use the shaver at the same time, as you can with other top rated shavers it won’t be possible. The battery life is not so good either, with just 30 minutes of shaving when fully charged. It takes 4 hours to fully recharge the shaver.

Final Thoughts

skull_shaver_img3If you love going bald and shaving your head then look no further. Skull shaver is indeed the best electric shaver for head. You won’t need another shaver or manual blade to shave your head clean. No more tedious processes when shaving your head on your own and no more frequent visits to saloons. This is the most ideal electric head shaver so far!

Check Price and Availability Here

Skull Shaver is the Best Electric Head Shaver without Doubt
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  1. Looking to buy skull shaver, price please

  2. Hi Sean,

    $60 (40% discount)as of today.

  3. can the skull shaver be bought in the United Kingdom.?

  4. Is the skull shaver available to buy in the United Kingdom.?

  5. is it available in retail outlets in Canada? Toronto area specifically…

  6. I don’t know if it is available in retail outlets for international customers. Skull shaver is serviced and fulfilled by Amazon (U.S) but international customers can still buy it from here:

  7. This shaver has massive issues, for one the metal that it’s made from is very cheap. The head’s attach to the mount by tiny little metal holders which will snap after about a month of usage. The battery gradually fades and dies after only a few months of usage.

    It is a nice product if they used the right metals to make it.

  8. I *am* looking to avoid all the daily hairstyling nonsense. I am not, however, particular about how I look.

    Can this shaver handle about a week’s hair growth or would I need to use hair clippers first?

    Thank you!

  9. Definitely a product we recommend. The time it takes to maintain a clean shaven skull is only minutes per day. With razors, shaving the head becomes time consuming and inconvenient.

  10. I just wanted to thank you for putting this review up, it was after reading this page that I decided to buy this, and it works perfectly!

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